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About me and my team

Biking. Not just a sports. The sports which constantly makes me smile. The sports which makes me more than happy despite all the effort you have to put in. And the sports which joy I absolutely love to share with everyone!

The good feeling in your gut when you arrive at the end of a Trail and all you can think of is: "one more time please!"

Since accomplishing the educational training "Instructor for Mountainbiking and Guiding" at the Bundessportakademie in 2015 I love to share my passion about Biking with my guests who like to learn something and keep progressing.

Denise Hartwig means Downhill

Bikeschule Team

Together we are better

The passion for mountainbiking connects. But this isn't the only reason I love my Team so much. It's a Team of individuals pursuing a common goal.

Every one has their own Style and we're very happy about it. There is no monotony boring learning with us. Every human has different needs, some learn faster, others struggle with certain topics. That's what we're here for!

We love to help everyone and share our knowledge about our favourite sports!

Get to know a few details about us, we like to ride downhill, freeride and enduro, love the fast rides downhill in the bike park, but also like to pedal uphill and go on a tour in the Alps. Mostly without an E-Bike ;) you will regularly find us on the Pumptrack. It doesn't matter which bike, as long as it rolls! We try to expand our knowledge of mountainbiking regularly, work or help out in local bikeshops and are happy to help you with good advice.

The A-Team

Mountainbike Guide und Coach in Leogang


  • State certified MTB Instructor
    (C-Trainer License)

  • State certified Ski Instructor

  • Life Guard

  • Trainer of the Bikeclub Leogang

  • Dep. Chairwoman of the Bikeclub Leogang

  • Qualified insurance and finance practitioner

  • Miss "smile and the world smiles back"

>>> Bribable with any kind of Ice Cream

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Mountainbike Kurs in Leogang
Mountainbiken im Bikepark Leogang


>>> Has a serious weakness for real good coffee

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Mountainbike Coach Raphael Frick


  • Racer in the state squad of LRV Salzburg

  • Started his own fashion label "Steez'n'Speed"

  • Bikepark & Freeride Guide

  • Trainer of the Bikeclub Leogang

  • Mister "There is always a solution"

>>> Probably studied applied sciences of jokes - he got the fitting joke in every situation!

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Bikeguide im Bikepark Leogang


  • Bikepark & Freeride Guide

  • Life Guard

  • Trained butcher & chef

  • Mister "I'm actually quite tame"

>>> Has a real good connection to all four-legged friends

Unsere ausgebildeten Guides
Yogalehrerin Anja


  • BA Marketing & Sales

  • Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Certified Mental Trainer

  • Paragliding Instructor Assistent

  • Miss "Always in a good mood as long as you feed me regularly"

>>> If you are looking for her, you'll always find her at the cake buffet

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Mountainbike Kurse bei jedem Wetter
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