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  • Is the ticket for the lift included in the price?
    No, the lifttickets for the Gondola have to be bought separately online or at the counter desk at the bottom. There are different tickets (hourly, days...) and for a couple of lessons a Ticket solely for the "Playground" (conveyor belt and tow lift Riederfeld) might be sufficient enough. If you're not sure what to get you're more than welcome to ask us. You can find an Overview here.
  • Is the bicycle and bike kit included in the skills clinics?
    No, if you don't bring your own Bike and Safety Equipment you'll have to rent one. There are complete packages offered by the rental stations which include the bicycle and a Safety-Set. We recommend to make a reservations as soon as possible. The following Shops offer bike rentals right at the bottom station of the Asitzbahn: Sport Mitterer Bachers Bikeverleih Bar Bikeschule Le-Guide Leogang
  • How can I pay?
    We accept cash payment (there is an ATM right at the Asitz Gondola station where we meet) or bank transfer (if early enough in advance)
  • Does the lesson take place in bad weather conditions?
    Yes, Mountainbiking is an outdoorsports and the sun is (unfortunately) not shining every day. The Trails in the Bikepark Leogang have mostly been build in a way that you can ride them in the rain as well. With wet conditions you can work on your Technique / Basics / Skills and berms are a lot of fun in the wet.
  • What are the minimum requirements to take part in a course or camp?
    Every participant has to be able to ride a bike in the flat. Moreover, you have to be healthy enough to spend a day outside in the sun while getting exhausted with an outdoor sport like mountainbiking. If you have any health issues please let us know beforehand.
  • Why does the Mountainbike have to have Disc Brakes?
    In general, we will be going downhill and the trails are often quite long. So your brakes will have to work a lot. Rim brakes don't have a good braking performance and get hot very easily (means no more braking). This can end in a dangerous situation we don't want you to be in. To prevent accidents before the lesson or training even started, we require you to have disc brakes. Moreover, we highly recommend a Full-Suspension-Bike (Fully) and no Hardtail. The tracks and trails are bumpy which means a lot of stress on your body. On top you might lose grip with a Hardtail which can cause a crash way easier than with a Fully. Good brakes and good tires are key in Downhill-Trainings. If your bike doesn't meet the requirements or is in a bad condition we recommend renting a bike on sight. Rather a rental bike than being in pain for days ;)
  • Why is there so many different expressions in Mountainbikesports?
    Very good question. Flow, Gravity, Enduro, Freeride, Downhill, Rookies, Youngguns, Shredder, MTB, E-Bike, Intermediate, Advanced, Pro, Trails, Lines, Rocks, Jumps, Step-Up, Step-Down, Double, Pumptrack, Drop, Berm, Anleger. A lot of those have been taken from our english friends overseas, some of them developed with time and some are just super trendy right now ;) no worries, you don't need to know them all, just ask us.
  • Could you recommend an accomodation?
    To be honest: we don't spend a lot of time in Hotels in Leogang ;-) so this is a rather difficult question. At the Tourist-Information you'll find a variety of Infos about the acomodation and can book them right away. Besides the Classics like Forsthofgut, Krallerhof, Salzburger Hof, Stockinggut, Kirchenwirt, Priesteregg, Mama Thresl, Forsthofalm, Puradies, Rupertus, Das Rivus, Bacher Asitzstubn, Riederalm, Leonhard and der Löwe Leogang offers a lot of very nicely situated and relaxing Pensions and Apartments. We are sure you'll find the perfect fit for you!
  • How about Camping?
    You can camp on the parking lot of Asitz Cablecar, there are Toilets and Showers as well. If you are looking for a more calm and relaxing space, we can recommend Camperlplatzl.
  • What's the best place to eat in Leogang?
    There's quite a view opportunities in Leogang. At the top station you'll find the Alte Schmiede and Asitzbräu, half way up we highly recommend the Stöcklalm. In the valley you can choose between smaller Snacks, typical Austrian food or a Gourmet Menu. Leogang caters every taste. For lunch you can walk to the following: B3, Loigoma Bistro, Bacher's Asitzstubn, Mama Thresl or Hüttwirt.
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